Private Membership Association

We Are The High Flyers Club Membership

Providing a range of members-only benefits created for the enthusiast to socialize and unwind with like minded community.

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Who We Are

Welcome to the High Flyers Club Private Membership Association (PMA)

Your exclusive gateway to a unique experience unlike any other. Rooted in the constitutional right to associate, our PMA offers a sanctuary for enthusiasts to explore, socialize, and unwind in a private, like-minded community.

Here, you're not just a customer; you're a member of a protected association that values your freedom to enjoy life's finer pleasures in a safe, upscale, and legally sound environment.

Privacy, Exclusivity, and Legal Integrity

Our PMA operates under the principles of privacy, exclusivity, and legal integrity. We provide a range of member-only benefits, from access to our members lounge to special events, educational workshops, and more.

Premium Products for Premium Members

Exclusive Shop, Deals, and Points System

Earn points by joining events, participating in promotions, and more! Spend these points on our members only shop.

Excusive Podcasts & Restricted Content

Enjoy the best moments only at HFC Membership

Controversial guests, topics and discussions that can’t make it on the big platforms. 

Community Features on Web & Mobile Applications

Join The Activity, Share & Engage

Share updates, join groups, meet other members, network & Go Live all from our IOS & Android Apps!


Join The Official
High Flyers Club
Community Platform

Experience all our platforms community features. (Includes our Mobile app for both Android & IOS)

Premium memberships available with additional offers. 

Full Feature List...

**Available After the V.I.P. membership is renewed at $250/Month

Join The High Flyers Club's V.I.P Experience

Explore The
Premium Membership Packages
We Offer

From daily passes, to monthly memberships with loaded benefits, you choose the package that best suits your interest.

Best Offer

V.I.P High Flyers Membership

The complete HFC membership experience.


First 30-Days is FREE!

Additional Monthly Packages

From daily passes, to monthly memberships; choose the package that best suits your interest.

Tier 1

Standard Membership

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First 30-days is FREE!

Tier 2

General Membership

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First 30-days is FREE!

Tier 3

V.I.P Flyer Membership

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First 30-days is FREE!

Daily Passes And Events

Staf Team


Can be used if a member brings a guest.

$10 Per Pass
One-Time Visit

Event Vendor Membership

Can be used if a member brings a guest.

$250 One-Time
Still Have Questions?

Understanding High Flyers Club PMA

Understanding Membership

Learn about the different membership tiers, their benefits, and how to become a part of our exclusive community.

Legal Authority of a PMA

Delve into the constitutional and legal basis that allows PMAs to operate in a unique legal space, offering protections and freedoms not typically available to the public.

Why choice us

We are Not Only a membership. Join a community of like minded enthusiasts.

Experience exclusive events, benefits, discounts, and other members only perks only at High Flyers Club PMA.

More Than a Membership, we are a Community of like minded enthusiasts creating a relaxing environment to unwind.

Exclusive Events

Events exclusively available to our members.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Tons of member only benefits.

Points System and Discounts

Earn points and save more.

News & Updates